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“I have been sick for 12 years. I have Lyme disease which has my immune system very compromised. I started Lyme treatment & started to get much better & recently we had a flood in our home & when they ripped the carpet up there was black mold on the floor & mold spores in the air. I became bedridden for months & it was because of the mold that got into my body. Now it’s the mold keeping me sick because I was so close to remission with the Lyme.

We had Pure Maintenance come & fog our home with their earth friendly products & I literally feel refreshed in my home instead of nauseous & overly ill. They also gave me a product called Everpure for our laundry to keep the mildew smell away for good. They even fogged our car! They are the most amazing people. Family oriented business. You can feel they truly do care. I can’t recommend them enough to EVERYONE. If you have mold in your home, you will not ever get better & will only get more ill. Pure Maintenance kills the mold & keeps it away for good! I’m so satisfied knowing my home is mold free & a safe healthy environment for my Family. HIGHLY recommend them to all!!”      Judy Mckenzie, 2017

Is Your Home Keeping Your Family Sick?

Watch the video below on ABC News. The dirtiest places within your home and vehicle are no match for our dry fog system.

Are you a germaphobe? Have the daunting fear of germs and obsessed with cleanliness? Git rid of flu virus, MRSA, H1N1, HIV virus and much more.

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