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Can Mold Come Back After Remediation?


Mold can only come back after remediation, if ... There is a brand new water intrusion (roof leak, HVAC dripping, plumbing issues, standing water) Your AC is not cooling properly and at an acceptable temperature

Can Mold Come Back After Remediation?2021-06-28T19:21:20+00:00

Keep Bathroom Dry Without Vent


Keep Bathroom Dry Without Vent To keep mold from continuing to grow in old small bathrooms, it is imperative to keep your bathroom dry and ventilated. Even if you have the mold remediated and removed,

Keep Bathroom Dry Without Vent2021-02-09T20:06:40+00:00

Home + HVAC Dry Fog Mold Remediation


Home and HVAC Dry Fog Mold Remediation and Black Mold Removal Mold only needs two or three days to start growing after a flood or other damaging water event. ... Mold is usually caused

Home + HVAC Dry Fog Mold Remediation2020-01-31T20:45:00+00:00

Whole House Mold Removal


Whole house mold removal is necessary to get rid of all mold spores floating around your home or office. When a mold issue arises, mold gets sucked into your HVAC and spreads into rooms.

Whole House Mold Removal2019-07-16T19:38:52+00:00

Breaking the Mold


Breaking the Mold, Literally Pure Maintenance is killing mold spores, viruses and fungi throughout homes and offices in Brevard County, including Melbourne, Viera, Vero Beach and Beachside (Indialantic, Cocoa, Satellite and Indian Harbor) What is

Breaking the Mold2018-01-16T17:05:40+00:00

Black Mold aka Stachybotrys


How does black mold get into the indoor environment and how does mold grow? Mold spores are present in both indoor and outdoor environments. Mold spores may enter your house from the outside through open

Black Mold aka Stachybotrys2017-11-27T20:02:06+00:00
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