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Pure Maintenance is the ONLY “green”, patented, EPA Registered DRY FOG Mold Remediation System in the nation! Over 200 locations, world-wide.

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Dry Fog Mold Removal + Demo

100% guarantee to kill all micro-organisms such as mold, bacteria, viruses, spores & fungi. Read Our Guarantee

Why Dry Fog Mold Removal? Safe Mold Remediation!

If your mold is strictly airborne, demo-free mold remediation by Pure Maintenance is 10 times FASTER and nearly HALF the cost of traditional mold removal methods. Our Dry Fog System won’t harm HVAC, electronics or other valuables, has been certified “Green” and won’t harm pets. It has also been FDA Approved for food.

Complete Mold Removal • Best Mold Remediation Melbourne, FL

In most cases, Pure Maintenance can complete a mold remediation job in just a few hours. During drywall demolition, mold spreads throughout the air vents, causing other rooms to become infected with mold. With Pure Maintenance, we guarantee a 100% mold kill without spreading the spores. How do we accomplish this, you ask? We fog while removing the mold issue, keeping spores from spreading. And, the best part, you don’t have to vacate your property for weeks.

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Black Mold Removal (Demo and Disposal)

In some cases where materials have been damaged or there is a large area with black mold, Pure Maintenance will fog while cutting out and removing
the affected area(s). Per Florida law, black mold must be cut out, plus 2 feet beyond the affected areas.

Our Patented, 2 Step Mold Remediation Fog by Pure Maintenance consists of InstaPURE (mold kill sterilant) and EverPURE (antimicrobial). In addition to removing mold affected materials, we ensure a 100% mold kill with our dry fog system. Fogging ensures that all surface and airborne mold is eradicated, while demo is taking place.

Safest Mold Removal

Our patented mold removal services are EPA Registered & FDA Approved for food.

Q & A – The Pure Maintenance System

Mold Removal, Disinfection and Odor Removal

Resolution: Pure Maintenance products have all been approved by the EPA as safe products. Everything we use is a green product that can be poured right down the kitchen sink. The FDA has even approved it for food contact. Most of our clients have been referred to us by doctors who have muscle tested both InstaPURE and EverPURE and love the results. The clients who they refer to our company are some of the most biologically sensitive people in the world and we have never had an issue. Ultimately the composition of our harshest chemical is very similar to a commercial grade vinegar.

Resolution: The reason dry fog is now a more than viable solution to a mold issue is this very issue. Technology has allowed us to create an even smaller particle than a mold spore. If there is a seam, crack or hole between your floor and wall, a light switch or fixture or any other gap in your wall where a mold spore has gotten in and began to grow, the dry fog will certainly penetrate that gap as well. In an area with special concern we can even poke small 1/8 inch size holes between the studs of the wall and fill up the back side with the dry fog.

Resolution: Because of the EverPURE anti-microbial that we apply after the treatment, mold should not be an issue in the home again as long as there are not any major water issues in the future. The EverPURE will keep mold from growing in the future and has been tested out 90 days by the EPA, which is the longest duration the EPA will run it’s tests, and has proved very successful. We have ran our own tests and have found the EverPURE still working after more than 6 years.

Resolution: This technology has been used for a long time but it has only been within the last 20 years that we were able to get a particle size small enough to be 100% effective. This same process has been being used for about that long in Europe in their hospitals and doctors offices to kill bacteria and viruses. The old methods, while sometimes causing bigger problems, still serve their place in many instances but we have found this to be a much more efficient and effective method.When the old version of a mold remediation process is used, spores are usually disturbed and create an even more unhealthy environment than existed previously. This old method also provided little solution to spores that had already become air born and had began making people sick.

Resolution: Most insurances aren’t very helpful when it comes to mold issues. One of the reasons we are so excited about this process is that it is usually far more affordable then tearing your house apart and rebuilding it. Because the dry fog process is so efficient, we save time which translates into money that we put back into the customers pocket.


Army Corps of Engineers Tested & Backs The Pure Maintenance System

The U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) solves the nation’s toughest engineering and environmental challenges.

Highlights from the full report:

Goals of Test (page 2)

  1. Demonstrate the dry-fog process via the 2nd generation application system in two buildings at Fort Campbell, KY.
  2. Determine the efficacy and performance (via sampling and analysis) of the dry-fog process.
  3. Verify initial remediation impact(s) and non-reoccurrence of mold/mildew over a test period of 6 months (via sampling and analysis).

2. Types of Molds Tested (page 9)

These mold types, which are associated with more serious health problems, are often the best indicator of indoor mold issues. The following are typical marker molds:

  • Stachybotrys, known as “black mold,” is considered the most dangerous mold type and is typically found in low numbers, if at all  inoutdoor samples. This mold has been linked with infant death.
  • Chaetomium, a marker mold that is not commonly found at significant levels indoors and is associated with health problems including fibromyalgia, MS, Lyme disease, and others.

3. Ability to Treat Areas Liquids Can’t Get (page 14)

The dry fog’s small particle size (much smaller than the mold spores) provides a mechanism to treat areas inaccessible to liquid treatments, and ensures that the fog can physically infiltrate all spaces and porous materials available to mold spores.

4. Summary of Treatment (page 20)

Indoor mold count dropped from 64,126 spores/m3 before treatment to 3,067 spores/m3 at 6 months after treatment. (building 6733 dropped from 556,057 spores/m3 before treatment to 3,044 spores/m3 at 6 months after treatment.

Pure Maintenance is a great company to work with. As the owner of a Home Inspection company, I often times need to refer a mold treatment company to my clients, based on observations made during an inspection. Pure maintenance is always at the top of my list of licensed, trusted professionals that can deal with the issues at hand. They have always performed professional services and treated my clients with a high level of respect.

James D’Angelo, Home Inspector

My son has been having constant nasal congestion and swallowing issues for almost 3 years now. His vocal cords have been damaged because of the constant throat clearing and he has to have surgery. Doctor said it was allergies because we tried all acid reflex meds with no affect. Then he was tested for allergies two times and it showed he was allergic to NOTHING . No allergy medications seemed to make a difference as well. I live in an older home and actually had it tested for mold a year and a half ago and was told no mold, but when I looked up symptoms for mold sickness, my son had every single one. I found out mold goes dormant and my son’s room was right about the crawl space in our house. When owners found out about my concerns they were prompt and professional. The very next day after being fogged my son said his throat felt better than it ever did. Pediatricians’ should be more aware of mold sickness. There is no price to put on a child’s health. It was a miracle!

Janie Davis, Mom, Home Owner

We’ve had some water problems over the years resulting in a mold problem. I did a lot of research and found Pure Maintenance. Their whole house technology made complete sense to me. They have an A+ rating with the BBB. They were so professional. They answered all my questions and went above and beyond my expectations. They did a fantastic job. I highly recommend Pure Maintenance if you have any concerns about mold in your house.

Rob Acevedo, Home Owner

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