Pure Maintenance Reviews

Kiya Hall

2 weeks ago
I was extremely impressed with the quality of Pure Maintenance’s work! They were easy to schedule with and they provided me with a bid that they stuck to. I had not realized how convenient of a service was possible to fix the mold issue in my home! They sent me a text to know who to expect at my home, and the service was highly professional. I had a high mold count in the basement of my home last year which they successfully remedied without doing any structural damage to my home whatsoever and they have taken their warranty very seriously. My family has enjoyed being more healthy since our home was serviced a year ago. I’ve also used Pure Maintenance with a rental property that I own. In both cases we needed to be out of the home for a few hours once treatment started. I was not uncomfortable in the least with the fact that there was an employee in my home without me there. My tenants and I had no issues with anything be taken, and we endorse the integrity of the Pure Mainenance team. This is a company who really cares about the health and satisfaction of its customers! Totally worth it! Totally recommend them!
James D'Angelo

3 weeks ago
Pure Maintenance is a great company to work with. As the owner of a Home Inspection company, I often times need to refer a mold treatment company to my clients, based on observations made during an inspection. Pure maintenance is always at the top of my list of licensed, trusted professionals that can deal with the issues at hand. They have always performed professional services and treated my clients with a high level of respect.
Judy Mckenzie

3 months ago
I have been sick for 12 years. I have Lyme disease which has my immune system very compromised. I started Lyme treatment & started to get much better & recently we had a flood in our home & when they ripped the carpet up there was black mold on the floor & mold spores in the air. I became bedridden for months & it was because of the mold that got into my body. Now it’s the mold keeping me sick because I was so close to remission with the Lyme.

We had Pure Maintenance come & fog our home with their earth friendly products & I literally feel refreshed in my home instead of nauseas & overly ill. They also gave me a product called everpure for our laundry to keep the mildew smell away for good. They even fogged our car! They are the most amazing people. Family oriented business. You can feel they truly do care. I can’t recommend them enough to EVERYONE. If you have mold in your home, you will not ever get better & will only get more ill. Pure Maintenance kills the mold & keeps it away for good! I’m so satisfied knowing my home is mold free & a safe healthy environment for my Family. HIGHLY recommend them to all!!

tyker belnap

5 months ago
Awesome service! We left meat in our freezer when we moved and it ended up in a storage unit for 6 months. The smell was terrible and we tried everything we could to get it out but nothing worked. These guys came and took care of it very quickly! Thanks again!
Janie Davis

7 months ago
My son has been having constant nasal congestion and swallowing issues for almost 3 years now. His vocal cords have been damaged because of the constant throat clearing and he has to have surgery. Doctor said it was allergies because we tried all acid reflex meds with no affect. Then he was tested for allergies two times and it showed he was allergic to NOTHING . No allergy medications seemed to make a difference as well. I live in an older home and actually had it tested for mold a year and a half ago and was told no mold, but when I looked up symptoms for mold sickness, my son had every single one. I found out mold goes dormant and my son’s room was right about the crawl space in our house. When owners found out about my concerns they were prompt and professional. The very next day after being fogged my son said his throat felt better than it ever did. Pediatricians’ should be more aware of mold sickness. There is no price to put on a child’s health. It was a miracle!
Stacey Sayers

a month ago
Prompt, professional, and thorough. Thanks Pure Maintenance
Farrah Pliley

7 months ago
These guys were fantastic!!! Excellent customer service, and they took care of the job without complications. Mike, the one who did the job was fantastic! I’ll refer them left and right. 👌
Anoel Mower

7 months ago
Best money spent on my family’s health! I stuck around for the spray and began noticing I was breathing better right away. I’m sleeping better now and feeling more clarity of mind. I am really focused on health and I work out, do yoga, breathing exercises, eat healthy, using essential oils, and taking vitamin supplements. Some days I would wonder why I would have a hard time breathing, and why I struggled with lethargy and my memory when I’m only 40 and really trying to be healthy… We have had flooding over the years in our basement at sprint run off. We would have it cleaned up each year, and I did worry about mold a little, but I had heard that mold isn’t as big a deal as people make, so I put it out of my mind. But after complaining about my flooding issue, a friend recommended I at least get it tested for mols. So, I had PURE Maintenance check it out. My levels were through the rough on Chaetomium, which is a neurotoxin. The side effects of this go from breathing problems to Alzheimer’s and is linked to cancer. It’s a good thing I worked on keeping up with my health and my family’s too or we would have been way worse off than just asthma issues, tiredness, and memory issues, and sleeping problems. I’m so glad I got this treatment done! Thanks Mike!
Rob Acevedo

a year ago
We’ve had some water problems over the years resulting in a mold problem. I did a lot of research and found Pure Maintenance. Their whole house technology made complete sense to me. They have an A+ rating with the BBB. They were so professional. They answered all my questions and went above and beyond my expectations. They did a fantastic job. I highly recommend Pure Maintenance if you have any concerns about mold in your house.
Becky Otteson

a year ago
They are such good guys. Pure Maintenance was wonderful to work with. They are prompt, sincere and helpful. They answered all my questions and I could not be happier with the results. I would recommend them without hesitation to anyone.
Deena Callister

a year ago
Pure Maintenance saved my life!!! By researching my families symptoms, I had a strong suspicion that we were dealing with mold infections that were coming from living in our home. I was devastated as I reviewed documentaries and researched on the internet what had to be done for us to receive a healthy home again (renovation). I prayed to be lead to the right company to take care of our house and was lead to Pure Maintenance. They brought so much hope to me as one suffering from toxic mold infestation. We scheduled the fogging within a week of testing and my family (a week later) are all ready feeling so much better!!!! The results are guaranteed and I just can not say enough praise. I, 100% recommend this treatment to anyone who is also dealing with mold in their homes and therefore their bodies. I know that I am spreading the word all over my neighborhood as their are many basements that have had water damage. What a blessing! Thank you so much Pure Maintenance!!
Happy Me

a year ago
Pure Maintenance has helped our family so much that I cant say I love them enough. They are so kind and know what they are doing. Our home is safe now because of them! Don’t go to any other company- I promise these guys know what they are doing and you will never have a better experience. My kids stopped coughing every morning from the mold in the air. Our family became so sick from the mold our house more then once and they came and cleared it all up every time. Mold is so so so dangerous- it was so bad at our house that my kids and I had lymes disease present and we were able to start healing because our home is safe. Dont risk it! Mold causes so many problems and makes you SO SICK! Take care of it with Pure and noone else! Trust me I know! 😀
Jason Duckworth

a year ago
It was a good experience. Very Professional. Our house already smells better.
Robyn Moreno

2 years ago
Brandon and Mike were both very professional and helpful. After helping me address the source of the moisture that was causing mold in my basement they were patient and answered all of my questions. Before the treatment they checked to make sure I had adequately fixed the leak. The treatment was very thorough and Mike even came back later in the day the day of the treatment to make sure he had covered everything.

I would definitely recommend Pure Maintenance to anyone who needs to deal with a mold or mildew problem in their home.

Terah Jones

2 years ago
Pure maintenance did an excellent job in removing the mold from our home. Their patented technology is the best I have found in all my research on mold removal- most effective and definitely cheaper than most methods which include demolition and rebuilding. Pure maintenance took our mold count from 13,000 to less than 100, in a matter of hours. The mold smell was gone immediately. The owners and staff were wonderful to work with, and very accommodating. I highly recommend Pure Maintenance if you are dealing with mold. If you don’t know if you are have a mold problem, they will send a technician out to your home for 10 minutes and test for $50- which is much cheaper than other mold companies. I loved my experience with Pure maintenance!
Rachelle Metcalf

2 years ago
After my husband and I had been sick for over a month with sinus infections and other mold symptoms, we decided to have our apartment tested for mold. Sure enough we had mold levels of 1600 in our apartment! (Normal at that time of year was 200-300). The test only took 5 minutes and conveniently fit into our busy schedule. Getting the mold treatment only took 5 hours and was done while my husband and I were both at work. It was so nice to come home to a house that smelled clean and fresh! Within days we noticed our symptoms going away. I would highly recommend this company and have already told several people about them. They are so affordable and the treatment is so quick and convenient!
Stacey Noel

2 years ago
Pure Maintenance was wonderful. The technician that came was very thorough, very helpful, and informative! We felt very comfortable having him in our home and taking care of our mold problem. When we returned everything smelled great and you could tell just from the new smell that it had been successful! Now we don’t have to worry about our kids being sick due to mold in our older home. We are so glad we had the treatment done and would definitely recommend it. We can’t wait for the lasting effects on our family!
Adam Stark

2 years ago
First off, I would definitely recommend Pure Maintenance for anyone that is dealing with mold problems. We moved into a house and found substantial mold that the inspection nor insurance would cover. They were very quick to reply, easy to deal with for scheduling, and were not pushy at all on any service. After the treatment I had forgotten to ask about the attic for some mold I was seeing from an old water leak coming through the it and even after closing most of the truck up, without hesitation they opened the stuff back up and treated the attic. They are very knowledgable and friendly – easy to deal with, and the best, it was a full house treatment that was cheaper still than other company’s demo portion only. Highly recommended!
Cara Dahlquist

2 years ago
Top notch professionals. They came in the first time, but weren’t able to get it all. So they came back within a week to do a second round and got it all. Very quick to respond and easy to work with. Only suggestion would be to contact the customer when it’s OK to go back in the house. Otherwise, very impressed and would use them again.
Jordan Davidson

2 years ago
simple easy cheap and it has worked great so far. My wife and I were getting sick often in our house that we have been remodeling. There was mold growing in the crawlspace. There was so much mold you could smell it. Now there is no smell in the crawl space! We thought we would have to hire disaster cleanup to do this job but this has fixed it!
Smithing Group

2 years ago
Pure Maintenance is the best in the business for remediation. They’re always quick to respond to jobs and make sure the problem gets taken care of at a very affordable price compared to other companies. They’ve helped many of our clients feel safe before or after moving into their new home. Highly recommend!
Brad Pendleton

a year ago
Called Pure Maintenance and they were able to give me a mold test through a 3rd party lab which I had in my basement due to some flooding from a year ago. They gave me a bid along with the positive test. Within a week they squeezed me into their schedule, came out and fogged my entire house. When I got home it had almost a clorox, vinegary smell. Before the service, the room in the corner of my basement that was most effected smelled like mold everytime you would walk into the room. It has now been a full month since the treatment and there is zero odor when I enter the room now. They guarantee their service for a year and will come and do a new test and if it comes back positive, will fog again, but as of right now I know I don’t need a test from them cuz my nose can tell me that there isn’t mold smell like there was before. Awesome company, awesome service!
Ruth Martineau

3 years ago
We had a funny smell in our house and crawl space and the smell made us sick. We found we had small amounts of different molds in our older home. No matter what we did we couldn’t get rid of the smell. We paid a ton to get our air vents cleaned and cleaned out our crawl space as there was some mold in there and the smell was still there. We found Pure Maintenance and had them come and treat our home. It was fast and effective. Our treatment by Pure Maintenance was over a year ago now and the strange smells have not returned, the mold has not returned, and our health has improved. I would recommend Pure Maintenance to anyone seeking to treat mold or funny smells. It is more cost effective than other routes and very effective.
Candice Mallicoat

2 years ago
I was overjoyed when my doctor told me about Pure Maintenance and instructed me to get my home treated by them so I could heal from chronic mold illness. I was then even more excited by the level of customer service I experienced from the very beginning. This technology is AMAZING and I’ve recommended them to two friends already because my level of healing has increased since my home was treated. I will be using this company to test and treat any different home we move into in the future.
Bryan Young

2 years ago
My experiance with Pure Maintenance was great. I love the fact that there wasn’t a ton of chemical sprayed into the home. They were prompt with there service and very understanding of our needs. I recieved a detailed report on the lab results of the affected area and assured the mold was gone. I will use them in the future. thanks
Tyler Flygare

2 years ago
I found a small amount of black mold while trying to sell my house. I called Pure Maintenance the same day and they came right over to give me a bid. Within a week they had preformed the work and provided me the guarantee I needed to feel confident in selling my home. Thank you Pure Maintenance. You guys are all amazing.
Heidi Wilson

3 years ago
Thank you Pure Maintenance! We were in the process of moving and were surprised to learn upon inspection that there were some areas of mold found in our attic. After reading and researching online, the pure maintenance dry fog method was the one that made the most sense. It gave me the peace of mind I needed to know that not only the attic would be treated but any possible problem areas that might not be visible would be treated and decontaminated as well. We appreciated the education they gave us regarding the mold and the process. Their customer service was great as they were very quick to respond to my many questions via phone call or email. They are affordable, professional, and knowledgeable. The process was quick and painless and I appreciated that within a few short hours my home was ridded of the harmful mold. I would definitely recommend them to others.
Danielle Musick

2 years ago
Such a great company! We found out that our 8 year old house had faulty roofing done and there was water and mold damage. Our family has had health problems from mold. Our family’s health is better after treatment and we now feel safe in our own home, such a relief. Great start to a new year! Pure Maintenance helped lift a heavy burden.
Raphael Harris

3 years ago
Fantastic experience. Loved the service they provided, my house has never felt so fresh! They were professional, quick and very reasonably priced. I would recommend them all day long-