Brevard County Mold Remediation

Choosing Pure Maintenance for your Brevard County mold remediation project is one of the smartest choices you may ever make for your property.

Our patented dry fog mold remediation system is more affordable and more effective than any other mold remediation system in Brevard County, FL. This professional mold removal technique doesn’t just pass air quality tests, it actually makes your home healthier. Mold remediation is an important part of having a healthy home.

After we remove all of the mold from your dwelling, we lay down our antimicrobial (EverPURE) that ensures no mold will ever return and it protects against viruses and bacteria that may enter your home. We guarantee mold will not return for up to one year. The only possible way that mold will return is if you have a new water intrusion or leak. Pure Maintenance’s microbiologist developed a patented micron that penetrates all surfaces where mold can be present. This includes: behind walls, throughout furniture, bedding and HVAC systems.

We also have doctors on call that back our system along with the Army Corps of Engineers.

Best Mold Removal Prices in Brevard County • (321) 704-4647

We guarantee that we have the best prices for mold removal and remediation, hands down. No competitor can touch our price due to the nature of our system. Our mold removal applications only take a few hours and … poof … your mold problem is no longer! Sound to good to be true? We assure you, it’s not! Check out our videos on ABC news and the Pure Maintenance customer reviews.

Finally, the future of mold remediation is here.

No more demolition and reconstruction headaches. Also, when traditional mold remediators come in and demo your walls, they are actually aggravating and spreading the mold spores through your home and HVAC system. Not good. This means, that, now every room in your house now contains mold. With Pure Maintenance, we kill the mold on contact, within 3 hours, without having to touch it or make a mess in your home. Other mold companies have a 6-7 step process to remove your mold nightmare.

First, the mold assessor will identify the mold issue. Secondly, an air quality test will be taken to prove that you do in fact have mold. Next, for days, air scrubbers and dehumidifiers will be placed in the area of concern (these machines are loud and annoying). The fourth step is to demo your walls or affected area. Next, the area will be prepped for construction crews to come into your home to reassemble your walls. Lastly, a final mold test will be taken to insure all mold has been effectively removed from the premises. Avoid this lengthy process and call Pure Maintenance today (321) 704-4647

Professional Mold Services in Brevard include: Mold Removal, Mold Remediation, Mold Testing, and Mold Cleanup and Removal.