Mold Testing Brevard County

Air Quality Tests will determine the types and levels of mold within any under air dwelling.

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Pure Maintenance of FL Mold tests are the best price in Brevard County
. Pure Maintenance of FL offers top of the line mold testing using Air O Cell cassettes for Air Quality Tests and/or tape tests.

Pure Maintenance is able to take samples of the air in your home to determine precise mold levels and types of mold present. A Pure Maintenance employee will capture 75 liters of air in your home through each cassette filter.

The mold testing filter is then sent to an independent lab who analyzes the filter. When the lab is finished they send their mold test report back via email.

The mold test report gives information detailing how many mold spores are in the home and what types of mold spores are in the home. It is easy to tell if there is an issue once this report is compared with outside mold levels.

Mold tests taken in your home should show similar or lower mold spores than outdoor levels. The outdoor test, known as the “control”, is taken for an accurate environmental comparison. If there is a mold problem, the lab will identify this on their report.

What makes Pure Maintenance mold testing unique?

An independent lab can take anywhere from 3 to 5 business days to complete their analysis. The unique thing about Pure Maintenance mold testing procedure is that we save you money by paying less for tests than other mold testing companies.

Pure Maintenance also pays to have your mold tests overnighted via FedEx or UPS. This way, you get the results within 24 hours. You want to make sure your family is healthy as soon as possible.

Other mold testing companies charge anywhere from $450 to $600 for mold testing. Pure Maintenance Mold testing starts at $180