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Remove 100% of Smoke Smell From Vehicles

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Are you a car dealership that needs fast odor removal services? We can remove smoke smells or any other funky smells quickly.

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Disinfect and Remove Odors

Hospitals, Doctor’s Offices, Daycare Facilities, Hotels, Gyms & More

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Hospital Cleanliness and Sterilization Melbourne – One area that can impact how a hospital ranks among consumers is cleanliness. While the work of the environmental services personnel is essential to helping prevent the spread of disease, how that work is performed can also make a difference in how the hospital is viewed by patients and visitors. With our Dry Fog patented system, Pure Maintenance kills all viruses, such as the H1N1 flu virus, on contact and is 100% proven to keep all germs at bay for 90 days.

Hotels, Gyms and Day Care Facilities also have a lot of traffic in and out all day long. Did you know when you sneeze, you release irritants and germs into the air. Your Mom was right: You should cover your mouth and your nose with a tissue when you sneeze to prevent the spread of viruses and other germs that can cause the common cold, flu and other illnesses. Viruses also cling to your bare hands, and we all know that your hands touch everything. Let Pure Maintenance eliminate all of these nasties and keep them gone for 90 days. I know a lot of moms and housekeepers that will thank you.