Islamorada Mold Remediation

Islamorada Mold Remediation is inevitable. At some point, in this hot, humid, mold breeding weather, mold will grow.

If your mold situation is more than 5 feet or is black in color, it is strongly advised that you hire an licensed, experienced mold remediation company.

You health and your family’s health is at risk if mold is left untreated and not removed. Mold can grow with 24-48 hours. With that being said, imagine how fast it will spread after attaching itself and making a home.

Islamorada Mold Remediation Choice Company

Islamorada trusts Pure Maintenance of FL. We have done many mold remediation jobs in The Keys in the past 7 years. Real estate agent, Lara lives in Marathon and her sea side home was smelling “musky.”

pure maintenance mold remediation systemPure Maintenance came out, ran a couple of mold tests and found a small issue with aspen (Aspergillus and Penicillium). We fogged and wiped down all surfaces, leaving Lara with a clean air quality and safe living quarters.

If Lara would have had black mold or mold so bad where it damaged drywall or other materials, those areas would have been cut out, removed and disposed of per Florida and mold laws.

Lara was breathing much better and happy with her mold remediation company choice. She then recommended our mold company to other friends, coworkers and real estate agents.

Dear Islamorada, Don’t Worry, Be Mold Free!

The Florida Keys are breathtakingly beautiful and THE place to unwind, relax and let all of your stresses go.

So, if a mold issues arises, don’t worry … Pure Maintenance is here to help. Our process is made fast and easy, leaving you with piece of mind and clean air quality.

Check out our educational videos on our homepage!

If you live in Monroe County and need Islamorada Mold Remediation, just pick up the phone, give Pure Maintenance of FL a call and let’s get the ball rolling.

A healthy, happy home are The Keys to health.

Pure Maintenance of Florida is Your Islamorada Mold Remediation Company  (321) 704-4647