Mold can only come back after remediation, if …

  1. There is a brand new water intrusion (roof leak, HVAC dripping, plumbing issues, standing water)
  2. Your AC is not cooling properly and at an acceptable temperature
  3. Relative humidity in the home is over 50%
  4. Wet towels or clothing is left balled up for long periods of time
  5. Air circulation is not adequate in small spaces
  6. Mold remediation was not preformed properly or in its entirety
  7. You bring mold infected items into your clean environment

It is important to remember that mold needs 2 things to grow:

  1. A food source (drywall, insulation, wood, etc)
  2. Moisture (leak or lack of ventilation)

Good rules of thumb to keep mold from returning (especially in Florida):

  1. Keep your AC running at 76 degrees or lower
  2. Refrain from hanging or balling up wet items
  3. Call a licensed professional right away of you have a leak or smell mustiness
  4. Never turn your AC off when the home is not occupied
  5. Get on an AC maintenance plan
  6. Run ventilation fan or keep bathroom dry during and after showering (temporarily)
  7. Run a dehumidifier daily if you have high humidity (living on the ocean or river)
  8. Limit or eliminate keeping live plants in your home

Word to the Wise: You cannot simply wipe down or paint over mold.

Can Mold Come Back After RemediationMold can‘t just be wiped off. It is imperative that the mold is properly cleaned and that the area is dried out thoroughly. Make sure that all wet areas in your home are properly treated by a professional to avoid the return and regrowth of mold.

Spores can grow in just 48 hours, so make sure to address any needed home repairs immediately.

Mold loves leather, wicker and wallpaper. These materials are some of the most challenging to rid of mold of due to what they are made of. Same with popcorn ceilings.

The more porous the material, the harder to clean. The more mold affected items that you can dispose of, the better. If you can live without it, let it go.

How mold can affect your health if left unattended or ignored.

If you suspect mold in your home or office, call Pure Maintenance to do a mold test. (321) 704-4647

This way, you will know for sure. The mold report will break down the exact levels and types of mold you are dealing with. This will also give the remediators an idea of what they are working with and how best to treat it.