Keep Bathroom Dry Without Vent

To keep mold from continuing to grow in old small bathrooms, it is imperative to keep your bathroom dry and ventilated.

Even if you have the mold remediated and removed, the mold WILL return without proper ventilation and drying techniques.

High and constant humidity (water in the air) will breed mold. It’s not a question of “if”, it is only a question of “when”.

Pure Maintenance Florida remediation company has encountered and remediated many bathrooms with mold caused by lack of air circulation. Being that bathrooms are a very common place for mold to spore out, we put a list of techniques that should be used to prevent black mold or other types of surface mold.

keep bathroom dry without vent

In order to keep your vent less bathroom mold free, we recommend the following, starting with #1 being the best option:

  • Have a ceiling vent or 2 installed, depending on the size of your bathroom
  • Hang wet towels outside or in a well ventilated area to dry
  • Shower with the door open
  • Open a window while showering
  • Buy and use a dehumidifier before, during and after showering. empty it regularly.
  • Shower with a box or wall mounted fan running in the bathroom
  • Wipe the humid walls down directly after showering
  • Check the condition of your shower tiles and grout
  • Use a sealant over grouted areas
  • Open the blinds or other window coverings during the day

Keep Bathroom Dry Without Vent: If one or many of these steps are not taken, condensation can cause paint to peel, drywall damage and mold and mildew to grow, re-grow and continue to grow.

It’s easy to see why bathrooms are a breeding ground for mold spores. One wall is likely to be an outside wall, so there’s the opportunity for a difference in temperature. Steam is created when bathing or showering. Older properties are less likely to be well insulated, so it’s more common to experience mold growth in those homes when compared to newer construction.


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