Mold Remediation at Baker’s Bay – Pure Maintenance of Florida

Mold remediation at Baker’s Bay … In 2020 after the damage was done by hurricane Dorian, Pure Maintenance of FL was flown into Baker’s Bay by charter (sea plane) to provide mold remediation to a couple of homes.

Baker’s Bay Golf & Ocean Club is a private community found on the northern 600 acres of Great Guana Cay in the Abaco family islands of the Bahamas, located just 190 miles off the southern coast of Florida.

This makes hiring Pure Maintenance of Florida a great option, since we are so close to the Bahamas.

Since Covid was in affect, there were strict measures taken before being approved to come to Baker’s Bay, Bahamas to remediate the mold.

We were flown into the island on Great Guana Cay along with all of our state-of-the-art mold equipment to make sure the job was preformed beyond expectations.

As we landed in the water, we noticed all of the boardwalks / bridges were still laying in pieces in the water.

We suddenly realized … “We are going to have to carry all of this heavy equipment from the plane, through the water, onto the shore.”

Then, from the shore onto a golf cart that the groundskeeper picked us up in. We made a few trips but all went smoothly.

As we reached the approx. 9,000 sq ft home, we knew we had to get straight to work. We assessed the mold and the time it would take to complete the mold remediation at Baker’s Bay.

The first day of mold remediation at Baker’s Bay …

The first day we set up containment areas, placed dehumidifiers centrally throughout the home, sealed up areas in the home that were exposed to the outside elements and drew up a plan for the mold remediation.

The second day of mold remediation at Baker’s Bay …

The second day (the next morning), we started setting up our heavy equipment. Our main tank holds our liquid, which turns to a dry fog, leaving noting wet.

Long lines run from the tank into the compressors. These lines have multiple heads at the end of them that spray the dry fog into each room. The fog gets so thick that you cannot see anything in the room until the fog finds everything organic (mold, bacteria, viruses) and kills it.

pure maintenance mold remediation systemOur patented dry fog, which consists of 100% pure hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid.

Peracetic acid or PAA is an organic peroxide. It is a colorless liquid with a low pH and a vinegar-like smell.

It also disinfects every square inch of the home / dwelling while killing all of the airborne and surface mold. Of course, all black mold and damaged materials are removed and disposed of safely.

The third and final day …

We make sure we fog twice, ensuring all surfaces and air are clean. We remove all containment areas and wipe down anything that looks dusty or dirty. We pack up and get ready to head home to Florida.

Mold Remediation at Baker’s Bay and Roofing Companies on the Island.

Many roofing companies were present at the same time we were on site providing mold removal and remediation. This made us feel better as our compressors can be temporarily noisy.

Combining the sounds of roofing nail guns and our compressors, we were like a contractor symphony. Nevertheless, we were bringing this beautiful home on this beautiful island, back to a safe environment.

It was nice to see everyone working so diligently to repair the island of Baker’s Bay.

If You Need Mold Remediation at Baker’s Bay, Give Pure Maintenance a call (321) 704-4647 or drop us a line here.