Whole house mold removal is necessary to get rid of all mold spores floating around your home or office.

When a mold issue arises, mold gets sucked into your HVAC and spreads into rooms. Most mold remediation companies will tarp off the “affected area” and tear out just the areas with the mold stain. Doing so, aggravates the mold spores and sends them flying into the air while multiplying.

Mold grows visibly on moisture, but is still present in the air. You cannot visually see all of the mold. This is what makes Pure Maintenance such a revolutionary mold remediation product. When a Pure Maintenance mold expert is hired, they come into your home, treat your HVAC, every single room and affected area(s). We can also demo mold stained areas, if need be. After the mold remediation is completed, then we apply an antimicrobial called EverPURE.

Treating the whole house also eliminates viruses, bacteria and all other pathogens. The antimicrobial (EverPURE) lays down a barrier to keep mold from returning. The only way mold will return is if you have a new water leak or intrusion. Pure Maintenance gives a 100% guarantee for a clean bill of health. The mold test taken after the remediation will show that all mold has been removed. A third party lab tech analyzes the sample taken. The proof is in the pudding! The numbers don’t lie!

If you think you have mold, don’t risk your health. Call Pure Maintenance today for a same day air quality test. Mold test results are delivered to our customers within 24 hours.

Pure Maintenance of FL services 4 counties along the east coast of Florida. These counties include: Brevard County (Melbourne), Indian River County (Vero), St. Lucie County and Martin County.

Let’s talk about cost

Pure Maintenance will treat a whole house or office for LESS than a single room demo job! Yes, you read that right. Because of our ability to remediate mold fast and effectively, we can pass savings along to each of our customers. Pure Maintenance is a franchise operation and has been recognized by the military. We hold multiple contracts with the US Army. If you are interested in learning more about the Pure Maintenance headquarters, please visit their website: https://puremaintenance.com/

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